Captains, Coaches & Managers

Our club encourages all our existing Senior and Junior players, past members, parents of our younger members and volunteers, to get involved with coaching, managing or supporting our teams.  Hockey coaching courses, run by Hockey Ireland, are available through our club offering all levels of ‘Hockey Ireland‘ coaching qualifications. We also operate an apprentice system where volunteers can assist our coaches, managers and teams.  Your volunteering support is vital to the continuing developing of our club.


Waterford Hockey Club Junior Girls coaching.
Waterford Hockey Club Junior Girls coaching.
Sunday morning Kids Hockey coaching.
Sunday morning Kids Hockey coaching.


Each of our club team groups or age categories have designated captains, coaches and / or managers assigned to them.  These are as follows:


Category: Captain: Coach: Manager:
Ladies 1st Team Ruth Breen David Quinn
Ladies 2nd Team Orla Quinn Marcel Wagenaar Hazel Boomer
Men’s 1st Team Brad Rouhana / David Quinn Stuart Greene / Brad Rouhana Alistair Shute
Men’s 2nd Team Daniel Laura Stuart Greene / Brad Rouhana Marcel Wagenaar
U16 Girls Catherine Murphy / Chris Thomas (Jan onwards)
U15 Boys Rory Isaacs / Cameron Scott (Jan onwards) David Avery
U14 Girls Hip Hop Jonathan Earl
U14 Girls Rave Shirley Moore
U13 Boys Alistair Shute / Stephen Pim Trish Cahill
U12 Girls Anne Madden
U11 Boys Joanne Day
U10 Girls Jonathan Fletcher
U9 Boys Jonathan Earl
U8 Girls Gerry O’Donoughue
Nursery Group




Each of our hockey academy groups have a coordinator and a number of coaches assigned to them. These are as follows:


Waterford Hockey Academy: Stradbally Hockey Academy:
Coordinator: Joanne Day Aine Cummins
Coaches: Brad Rouhana Joanne Day
Gerry O’Donoughue Judy O’Gorman
Charlotte Hughes Mike Haberlain
Jonathan Fletcher
Jonathan Earl
Feena O’Leary
Georgie Kniesel
Rachel Shute
Teegan Stanley





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December 09 2018
Newtown School hockey pitch

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